The day to honor our hearts….

Today is Valentine’s day.  As a little girl, before boys even entered the picture, my mother would take me to Drug Fair and let me pick out a packet of Valentine’s day cards.  You know the ones.. the little single cards that you buy in bulk for the entire classroom.  As the years have passed and boys have entered the picture, I still reminisce about a simpler time when Valentine’s day was a special day for everyone not just those who have partners in life.  So in honor of a simpler time, I wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day!

In yoga practice we often honor our fourth chakra called Anahata Chakra (heart) with various stretches that open our chests and hearts to the possibility of wholeness and boundless love.  Honor your little ticker with a few heart opening stretches.  One of my favorites is bridge pose (  Continue rewarding yourself with a bit of dark chocolate and a cup of Lover’s Leap tea.  Lover’s Leap is a gorgeous black tea with a fascinating history from “Lover’s Leap Tea Estate in Sri Lanka.  I have mine courtesy of Tea 4 U,

And as Confucius says,

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.