Nepali Tea

A friend recently introduced me to this really amazing website called “Kickstarter.”  Kickstarter essentially is a place to raise funds for creative projects.  Case in point, my friend used Kickstarter as a place to raise money for an independent animated film she is making called “One Per Person.”  She recommended the site to me since she knows I would love to start my own business and also as a place to possibly raise capital for my jam making.  It’s really an amazing place to reach out and help the “little guy.”

Kickstarter is also one of those websites to get lost in.  It has everything from art, music, film to food!  Yes you got it food!  It is so inspiring and if you need to kick (pun intended) your creative juices into high gear this place will do it!  It’s refreshing to see people passionate about the projects and work they are creating.

During my perusing of Kickstarter, I came across a company called “Nepali Tea Traders.”  After reading about the company and their intentions I immediately sponsored them.  In return for my contribution I was rewarded with the most delicious tea.  I selected a set of black tea.  The first a Himalayan Masala black tea.  Incredibly tasty with a nice hint of black pepper and spices.  I’ve been partaking each morning with just a splash of milk.  The second is the Shangri-La Classic Organic Black Tea, this one I have yet to try but look forward to a cup when I get to work:)  I cannot wait to order more varieties and support a business that stands for so much more than the bottom line.

If you haven’t already please check it out.  It feels good to reach out to a small business and help support a dream!


Nepali black tea


Big Bear and Tea

I’ve recently returned from a rather shortened sabbatical.  I was on the East Coast visiting family when hurricane Sandy hit.  Fortunately, my family is safe and well.. Unfortunately, my trip was cut a bit short due to the flight cancellations, and difficulties traveling.  I retreated back to LA and settled back into my Hollywood Hills retreat.  My little place is coming along and feeling cozier by the minute.

Heading back to work in less than a week, I made a very short escape to Big Bear Lake.  It is located a bit over 2 hrs outside of LA.  It is known for outdoor activities such as hiking, snowboarding and skiing.  The weather being still a bit warm for the latter, I decided hiking would be on the agenda.

It was my first time visiting the area and was pleasantly surprised to find two tearooms.  One unfortunately was closed however, the other was suggested to me.  It appeared to be more of a coffee shop, however, when I entered I noticed quite an impressive lot of loose leaf tea.  Also many interesting tea accessories.  It was really such a treat considering that I missed out on shopping my favorite tea shops in Toronto.  Also, I was happy to find that all of their teas can be ordered online.

Have a look for yourself and if ever visiting the area, I highly recommend a visit to

The Tea and Coffee Exchange.

PS: They also made a To Die For pumpkin chai with fresh pumpkin puree!

Hiking Big Bear

This tea house was closed:(

The Tea & Coffee Exchange




Golden Gate Bridge, Tea and Curry

Lately it has been all work and no play in my corner of the world.  However, this past weekend I hopped a flight up to San Francisco to visit with friends I hadn’t seen in 4 years!  Time certainly does fly by but as the old saving goes, “with good friends not a day passes” or something to that effect.  We promptly fell back into our old habits of shopping, eating and drinking tea.  I was fortunate enough to be in SF for the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge.  We also saw the most fantastic exhibit at the de Young Gallery on Jean Paul Gaultier!  If you have an opportunity to see it, Please RUN to it.  It’s amazing!

We took tea and curry at a very cool little restaurant in Japantown called “On The Bridge.”  We also checked out some of the shops and I purchased some traditional Japanese Sencha tea.  The trip was amazing!

Visiting a city like San Francisco and feeling renewed and rejuvenated by the creativity that seems to flow through the streets.  There is so much diversity and wonder it’s hard to believe such a place exists.

Monday morning we said our goodbyes until we meet again but I’ll treasure my memories of such a special weekend forever.

Dorothee and myself at the de Young Observatory Deck

Curry at On the Bridge


My green tea in a green cup

Full moon and the Sacred Female Flow

Last night I attended a workshop called the “Sacred Female Flow” hosted by the always lovely Bekah Turner of Yoga Blend.  The workshop centered around the mid spring holiday of Beltane and the Scorpio full moon.  It’s a spiritual night which at the peak of the season should bring on a surge of female fertility, inspiration and energy.  It’s a celebration of the Ancient ways that are sometimes lost in our Modern world.  How we as Women connect to the Mother Earth; Body, Soul and Spirit.  Also, it’s a reason for a wonderful group of women to form a circle- chant, meditate and just feel good about ourselves and our bodies.

It was a beautiful night and a beautiful moon.  After our ritual and celebration I headed home and sat on my patio with a cup of Gypsy’s Dragon Well green tea.  I stared at the moon and contemplated life and its various changes and how I want to continue to explore my own connection with the Earth.  She gives us so much and I want to begin giving a bit more gratitude to the original creator and mother of us all.

Happy Mother’s Day to our Mother Earth:)

borrowed from a lovely blog I found online

borrowed from seilju’s flickr site

Yoga and Gypsy Tea….

Last night after a long day of training on new software at work, I dragged myself to a 7:30pm yoga class at Yoga Blend.  It is a mixed level class taught by Christy, the owner.  She is one of the most amazing teachers I have ever had.  She has such a warm and welcoming personality.  She always does something different with her class and presents a flow that is inspiring and creative.  Upon leaving her class I feel grounded, happy, safe and secure.  She always gets the energy and juices flowing that really open the mind and the heart.  I was completely exhausted from all the mental powers I had to utilize during my day but leaving her class last night I felt my body and soul cleared out and room made for more that was to come.  I’m thankful to have found her studio and happy to be back in her warm presence.

While practicing at Yoga Blend last year I discovered Zhena’s Gypsy Tea.  I am also thankful to have found this tea because I really do love it.  Christy keeps a wide variety of flavors out and available for pre/post yoga class.  It is a perfect way to finish a class and bask in the glow of doing something good for our bodies.  If you haven’t tried Gypsy tea I suggest checking it out!  The woman behind the company also has an inspiring story which will make you feel glad that you support her tea and her business.

Regardless of how tired or mentally fatigued you feel, do something good for yourself today:)

The Goji Cacao Berry and the Coconut Chai are two of my favorites!



Alice’s Tea Cup

Today is my last official day on the East Coast.  Sabrina and I are heading back to California.  I am in NYC and had the morning free before heading to the airport.  I took a walk and found myself at Alice’s Tea Cup on 64th Street.  I have always wanted to check out this tearoom but know how popular and busy it usually is.  They have three locations but today I visited their Chapter two location.

It is a very quaint looking tearoom.  The theme of course is Alice in Wonderland.  The tea selection is quite impressive and there were so many I wanted to try.  I was having a bit of travel jitters so settled on the Serenitea which is green tea with chamomile and lemon.  I also ordered the Scones benedict, poached eggs over a savory scone.  It was really yummy and the scone was a very simple buttermilk but delish!  The place is really adorable and a must if you have little girls or can borrow one for the day:)  I plan to go back with my nieces because I know they will love it!  There was a little girl at the table across from me celebrating her 6th birthday.  The staff came out with a decorative cupcake and sang happy birthday to her.  She was very excited!

The entire experience was sublime:)  Next time in NYC plan a visit.  Tip:  I overheard the hostess saying if you come before 10am the crowds are much thinner.

snagged from internet as I forgot my camera