Tea Rose Garden (Pasadena)

It was time for a girl’s day out of shopping and tea.  A friend recommended “Tea Rose Garden” in Pasadena.  Pasadena is a great little town with a thriving historic downtown area.  There are tearooms a plenty and even more shopping.  The mix is a bit more big label than small boutique shops but still has a bit for everyone.  My two accomplices and I (who are buddies from my short time in Dallas and now we all reside in California) headed out on a chilly, overcast February morning.  The tearoom shares a space with a florist so off the bat the smell of flowers and baking permeate the air.  We knew we were off to a good start.  I rarely give any big critiques when I write about a place and overall everything was really lovely.  Some of the nice touches include edible flowers and the tasty sandwiches.  I think my one big complaint would be the very lukewarm service we received.  Our waitress seemed overall “put out” to be there and even less interested in taking our order.  I really, really did not like the tea I ordered (Lapsang Souchong) but it was one I have been interested in trying.  When I asked about switching teas it really seemed to upset her.  I felt it necessary to continue to apologize for “wasting” her time (and terrified at the notion that she would spit in my tea pot!)

Regardless of her unhappy demeanor we managed to enjoy ourselves and even found humor in her BAD humor.  That’s what good friends do.. they help to keep you grounded and talk you off the ledge.

Here are are the highlights!

Tiffany and her fine cup of tea!

Tiffany and her tea

Dorothee and tea cakes

sandwiches with edible flowers

me enjoying my new cuppa tea

me happy with my new cuppa

delicious fruit spread with edible flowers

delicious berries

Super cute teapots!

Pretty tea pots

These ladies were having a great time

(I think their tea may have been spiked;)

cute hat ladies enjoying their tea




7 responses

  1. Sorry to hear your experience was not up to par! Try Rose Tree Cottage in Pasadena…it’s been around since I first lived in LA (1980’s) and is the ultimate real English high tea experience! Edmund and his wife own it and they are wonderful!

  2. The scones are really good. I usually hate scones,but their scones were delicious. 🙂 Very moist and just the right amount to sweetness. Great post, Cheryl !! It was a fun day in Old Pasadena. Let me know if you ever want to try another tea room. I will take a better picture for you next time. Ewww… LOL…

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