Downton Abbey and French Tea

A friend was recently in Paris and brought me back a tea blend from one of the oldest tea houses in Paris, Mariage Freres.  I visited the tea room on my first trip to Paris back in 1999.  It was so exciting to be in such a gorgeous city with three of my closest friends and nothing brings back memories more so than the taste and scent of a good cup of tea🙂

Today I’ve enjoyed the delicious tea with a thick slice of buttered bread (from La Brea Bakery) and homemade cranberry jam.  Tonight as I settle in to watch the season premiere of Downton Abbey, which always requires a pot of tea, I’ll reminisce of my first visit to Paris and a time well spent with good friends and a cup of tea.










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  1. Funny, not only did I visit Mariage Freres during my first trip in Paris (buying my all-time favorite tea — “French Breakfast”), but I too agree that an episode of Downton simply MUST involved a nice cup of tea to set the mood!

    I still pop over to buy 100 grams of that tea from time to time, when I can afford it. 🙂 And it always brings back special memories.

  2. Yes, sounds like the perfect evening to me too. I love Mariage Freres teas…have not been to Paris, but find it at Dean and DeLuca Gourmet Food stores. I can’t believe that I have not yet watched Downton Abbey. My friend is bringing over her dvd’s of the first two seasons this week so I can catch up. I love this type of show. Great post. Made me want to open up the tin of Darjeeling I have from Mariage Freres that I bought for a gift but haven’t given it away yet….it might just stay here 🙂

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