Golden Gate Bridge, Tea and Curry

Lately it has been all work and no play in my corner of the world.  However, this past weekend I hopped a flight up to San Francisco to visit with friends I hadn’t seen in 4 years!  Time certainly does fly by but as the old saving goes, “with good friends not a day passes” or something to that effect.  We promptly fell back into our old habits of shopping, eating and drinking tea.  I was fortunate enough to be in SF for the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge.  We also saw the most fantastic exhibit at the de Young Gallery on Jean Paul Gaultier!  If you have an opportunity to see it, Please RUN to it.  It’s amazing!

We took tea and curry at a very cool little restaurant in Japantown called “On The Bridge.”  We also checked out some of the shops and I purchased some traditional Japanese Sencha tea.  The trip was amazing!

Visiting a city like San Francisco and feeling renewed and rejuvenated by the creativity that seems to flow through the streets.  There is so much diversity and wonder it’s hard to believe such a place exists.

Monday morning we said our goodbyes until we meet again but I’ll treasure my memories of such a special weekend forever.

Dorothee and myself at the de Young Observatory Deck

Curry at On the Bridge


My green tea in a green cup


Kreative Blogger Award

Thank you so much for the nomination:)  I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed reading my blog and I love reading about your home and tea experiences in South Africa as well!  Also, so happy that you are a Rooibos fan too!

So, let me get down and dirty with the detail of the award. The rules of this award are:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and include a link back to their blog
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Pass the award to 7 nominees

I love reading “slowlifecuppa” and the experiences of tea in South Africa.  I love learning how others take their tea and how much this wonderful beverage brings people together from all walks of life:)  Continue with the wonderful posts and I look forward to visiting your Country some time!

About me:

My favorite season is Fall and I have an obsession with pumpkins

My dog Sabrina is my best buddy

My all time favorite movie as a child was “The Wizard of Oz.”

My dog Sabrina has a very strong resemblance to Toto (from Wizard of Oz:)

I have an infatuation with someday living in Prince Edward Island

One of my favorite books “Anne of Green Gables.”  (explains the above obsession:)

I love visiting Historic homes and landmarks


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Full moon and the Sacred Female Flow

Last night I attended a workshop called the “Sacred Female Flow” hosted by the always lovely Bekah Turner of Yoga Blend.  The workshop centered around the mid spring holiday of Beltane and the Scorpio full moon.  It’s a spiritual night which at the peak of the season should bring on a surge of female fertility, inspiration and energy.  It’s a celebration of the Ancient ways that are sometimes lost in our Modern world.  How we as Women connect to the Mother Earth; Body, Soul and Spirit.  Also, it’s a reason for a wonderful group of women to form a circle- chant, meditate and just feel good about ourselves and our bodies.

It was a beautiful night and a beautiful moon.  After our ritual and celebration I headed home and sat on my patio with a cup of Gypsy’s Dragon Well green tea.  I stared at the moon and contemplated life and its various changes and how I want to continue to explore my own connection with the Earth.  She gives us so much and I want to begin giving a bit more gratitude to the original creator and mother of us all.

Happy Mother’s Day to our Mother Earth:)

borrowed from a lovely blog I found online

borrowed from seilju’s flickr site