“Launch your Creativity” and tea

Yesterday I attended a really fantastic event called “Launch your Creativity” at the beautiful “Paris in a Cuptearoom in Orange, CA.  I attended the same event last year and really came away with a renewed sense of inspiration and excitement!  My friend Lisa who has been in the need to spark her creative juices came along with me.  It was a really fabulous day full of interesting and creative presentations along with an amazing morning tea.  The food as always was delish!  The room was full of energy and lots of creative ladies looking to follow their dreams and launch their businesses.  It’s hard to be surrounded by that kind of positive energy and not come away completely excited!  I sat next to a girl who is a pilates instructor and would like to open a wellness center.  We chatted about health and tea and at the end of the event swapped emails.

The message of the day, “Follow your Dreams.”  As simple as that statement, there are always naysayers who tell you to stay safe and secure and keep things status quo.  However, if you have a burning passion to shake things up and live a genuine life than by all means proceed.  One speaker went as far as to say to surround yourself with people who believe in you and support your goals and to drop those who are pessimistic and energy suckers.

The day was beautiful and I left with a renewed excitement toward my future tearoom.

FAB table presentation

Lisa taking in some creative energy

Tea and me


Yoga and Gypsy Tea….

Last night after a long day of training on new software at work, I dragged myself to a 7:30pm yoga class at Yoga Blend.  It is a mixed level class taught by Christy, the owner.  She is one of the most amazing teachers I have ever had.  She has such a warm and welcoming personality.  She always does something different with her class and presents a flow that is inspiring and creative.  Upon leaving her class I feel grounded, happy, safe and secure.  She always gets the energy and juices flowing that really open the mind and the heart.  I was completely exhausted from all the mental powers I had to utilize during my day but leaving her class last night I felt my body and soul cleared out and room made for more that was to come.  I’m thankful to have found her studio and happy to be back in her warm presence.

While practicing at Yoga Blend last year I discovered Zhena’s Gypsy Tea.  I am also thankful to have found this tea because I really do love it.  Christy keeps a wide variety of flavors out and available for pre/post yoga class.  It is a perfect way to finish a class and bask in the glow of doing something good for our bodies.  If you haven’t tried Gypsy tea I suggest checking it out!  The woman behind the company also has an inspiring story which will make you feel glad that you support her tea and her business.

Regardless of how tired or mentally fatigued you feel, do something good for yourself today:)


The Goji Cacao Berry and the Coconut Chai are two of my favorites!