Alice’s Tea Cup

Today is my last official day on the East Coast.  Sabrina and I are heading back to California.  I am in NYC and had the morning free before heading to the airport.  I took a walk and found myself at Alice’s Tea Cup on 64th Street.  I have always wanted to check out this tearoom but know how popular and busy it usually is.  They have three locations but today I visited their Chapter two location.

It is a very quaint looking tearoom.  The theme of course is Alice in Wonderland.  The tea selection is quite impressive and there were so many I wanted to try.  I was having a bit of travel jitters so settled on the Serenitea which is green tea with chamomile and lemon.  I also ordered the Scones benedict, poached eggs over a savory scone.  It was really yummy and the scone was a very simple buttermilk but delish!  The place is really adorable and a must if you have little girls or can borrow one for the day:)  I plan to go back with my nieces because I know they will love it!  There was a little girl at the table across from me celebrating her 6th birthday.  The staff came out with a decorative cupcake and sang happy birthday to her.  She was very excited!

The entire experience was sublime:)  Next time in NYC plan a visit.  Tip:  I overheard the hostess saying if you come before 10am the crowds are much thinner.

snagged from internet as I forgot my camera


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