Sunday tea time at Pom Pom’s

I’m visiting my old stomping ground this week Orlando, FL.  It’s entirely too short of a visit but so refreshing to be back in the “hood.”  Sunday, upon arrival I met my gorgeous friend Birgit for a brunch of tea and sandwiches at a very cute little teahouse called Pom Pom’s.  As soon as I suggested we meet at Pom Pom’s the idea was met with a very satisfying “yes!  the food is fabulous!”  Pom Pom’s is not your typical teahouse, there are no lace girly touches.. it’s a cute, little grungy place that serves a variety of excellent food and a small but good list of teas.  It has a very bohemian artsy flair to it and it is busy!

I had a tea called “New Monk’s Blend.”  It’s a black tea that has a touch of spice and mint.  It was so delish!  The sandwich I ordered was Turkey with Ginger cranberry chutney, Cream Cheese, Smoked Gouda & Red Onions- and soooo good!  It’s pretty dense so ate half and brought the rest home for later.

We stayed for quite a long time, chatting and catching up over a second pot of tea.  It was such a lovely way to arrive back to my old home and a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  A good friend and a pot of tea:)

Pom Pom’s Teahouse


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