Sanctuary T and a day in the city….

I headed to New York City yesterday, or as it’s known to us East Coasters, “The City.”  I spent the day with my fabulous California girl Sunny!  We walked from her Tudor City hideaway to the very chic “Sanctuary T Restaurant” located in Soho.  It was quite a brisk day in the city with temps hovering around 30 degrees, warming ourselves in a cozy tea lounge was exactly what the day called for!

Sanctuary T is really lovely, cozy and not a doily in sight!  They offer a full menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as wine and tea infused cocktails.  The menu is also themed with “tea” infused, health conscious choices.  After much internal debate, I settled on the smokey steak salad with the lapsang vinaigrette  – DELISH!  I finished my brunch with a cup of Toasted Almond tea and the uber yummy house made peanut butter ice cream sandwich.  Their tea menu is extensive and it was such a tough decision.  However, the toasted almond came highly recommended.  The smell was so fragrant and the infused leaves beautiful, it really worked well as a dessert tea.  I regretfully left the restaurant empty handed of a tea purchase.

If ever in Soho and need a respite from the busy streets of NYC, grab a bite and a cup of tea at Sanctuary T!



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