Yoga Ayurveda – Tea Season

There is nothing more comforting than to curl up with a good cup of tea on a cold, dreary winter day.  The yoga journal article below gives wonderful suggestions for the types of tea to drink for whatever ails you during the winter months.  The tea recipes are taken from the Ayurvedic tradition which seeks to keep the body and mind in balance with nature and keep disease and poor health at bay with prevention.

One herb that has been getting a lot of buzz is the Indian herb Tulsi or holy basil.  The herb is said to aid in detoxification, it’s rich in antioxidant and also known for its restorative powers.  My good friend Deb suggests the “Organic India,  Sweet Rose Tulsi.”  Tulsi can also be purchased in bulk to create your own healthy blends.

Yoga Journal – Yoga Ayurveda – Tea Season.

Tulsi herb



Organic India tulsi tea




Enjoy a cup to good health!



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